Is a Wedding DJ worth the cost?

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So the wedding budget is set, and it’s time to allocate the funds to things that will make the day extra special. You’ve got the venue, you’ve sorted the catering and your attire for the day is looking great. But, what about the DJ?

As an important part of the day, the entertainment you choose can really take the wedding to the next level. But, is a wedding DJ worth the cost? Or is it all the same whether you go cheap or splash out?

Here we break down the reasons why choosing to hire a premium wedding DJ is certainly the right choice.

Standard DJ’s take away from the uniqueness of the day.

Your DJ should reflect the type of wedding you want have. That’s not to say that a standard DJ means that a wedding won’t be enjoyable, but the entertainment definitely won’t be blowing anyone away or a memorable feature of the night.

By hiring a premium wedding DJ, you can keep the dance floor full. Offering a much wider range of music, going further than your standard Macarena, and with the option for additional live music DJ add ons, you can really impress your guests. You can essentially have a DJ and a band for a little bit extra than a standard DJ. In our experience, when you hire a DJ with sax, the wedding goes that extra mile!

If you really want to get unique, check out the options for DJ live music add ons and have a read of our recent blog about the hottest trend in live music booking.

The cost may not be out of your budget.

To make your wedding one to remember, you don’t want to spare any expense. Of course, you don’t want to spend the whole budget on a DJ, but a premium wedding DJ may be well within your budget.

Once you’ve had a look at the average cost of a wedding DJ, you’ll be able to determine whether or not this option is for you. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Still unsure? Have a chat with us to talk through what you need from your wedding entertainment!

At Tailored DJ Collective, we have an experienced roster of wedding and event DJ’s available for hire across the UK. All of our DJ’s are available with showstopping saxophone, percussion and vocalists, with a track record of lighting up dance floors at every venue they touch.

Get in touch with us to see what the best option may be for your wedding or browse our DJ’s and watch videos showing proving their ability.

In our opinion, premium wedding DJ’s are definitely worth the cost!
Wedding DJ Costs

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