What is the average cost of a Wedding DJ?

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Choosing the right DJ for your wedding can be difficult. Like most things, it’s a balance between cost and quality, but when it comes to weddings (especially your own) you want something to impress your guests and a DJ that’s going to fill the dance floor all night long!


That’s why we’ve put together a short summary of what you can expect for what you’re paying when it comes to wedding DJ’s for hire:

Low Cost DJ: £50-250

The cheapest you’ll likely be able to find (unless you have a mate of a mate who said they’ll do it for less) is around the £50 mark, however, don’t expect this DJ to wow your guests or bring the party to life. Their experience and range of music knowledge will be extremely limited, their equipment will be akin to that of a primary school disco and will most likely not blend well with the beautiful décor of your wedding.


Overall, good if you want something cheap. Bad if you want something special.


– Poor range of music.

– Lack of experience.

– Standard equipment.

– Don’t expect them to wow your guests or bring the party to life.

Mid-market DJ: £250-500

A bit pricier than the low-cost option, but not a huge difference between them. There’s still a chance that the equipment will look dated, the DJ will be more experienced but not a professional and the level of music knowledge will also be limited.


A happy medium, but by no means the DJ that will have your wedding partying the night away.


– Equipment is slightly better than the low-cost option.

– Wider range of music available.

– Slightly more experienced.

– A higher level of entertainment, however, they’re not going to blow your guests away.

Premium DJ: £750+ 

Now, if you want your wedding to be truly special and a party for the ages, this would be the most suitable option. The other options will definitely provide some music throughout the night, but a premium wedding DJ will take it that extra step further and truly keep the dance floor packed until it’s time to leave.


Although more expensive, these DJ’s do this for a living and are extremely experienced. Their ability to read the crowd and cater to the room will have the wedding buzzing. Playing on state-of-the-art equipment, a premium DJ set up will provide the most impressive aesthetic for your wedding and avoid the eyesore of old, dated primary school disco equipment.


Want something extra special? These DJ’s also come with the option for live music as an add-on. This can be anything from saxophone to percussion and more.


– Professional experience.

– State of the art equipment.

– Optional live add-on’s available, including saxophone percussion and more.

– Make your wedding truly memorable and enjoyed by all.

Our Recommendation: Premium DJ

Now, it’s no surprise that we all want our weddings to be special, as we’ll only experience this once (hopefully). That’s why we would recommend going all out and hiring a premium DJ for your wedding. Aesthetically, having a premium DJ will be in keeping with any style and keep the day classy. The DJ themselves will be experienced and knowledgable, keeping the room dancing the night away. Finally, the option of live music add-ons can take your wedding to the next level, something to really wow your guests.


If you need any help deciding what the best DJ option would be for your wedding, give us a call on 0800 564 22 65 or drop us a message, and we can help pair you with the DJ of your dreams.

Wedding DJ Cost

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