Do you want to book a DJ with Saxophone? Look no further.

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Book A DJ With Saxophone

The latest trend in event entertainment, whether it be a wedding, party or corporate event, is the extremely popular DJ with saxophone accompaniment. Blending your favourite classic hits with show-stopping live instruments including saxophonepercussionvocalists and more.


Hiring DJ Live performers can really take your event to the next level and has received an amazing reception from party-goers across the UK. DJ Live is now a preferred option when hiring a DJ.


You may have experienced this yourself, or have an upcoming event that you would like to hire a DJ with live music for, but how exactly do you book a DJ with Saxophone for your event? Tailored DJ Collective can help.

1. Select your DJ.

All of our featured DJ’s offer live music add-ons across all areas of the UK. Whether you’re located in the North, South, East or West, we have dedicated and talented DJ’s in your area. Even if your desired DJ isn’t based in your area, they are always up for travelling to ensure your party is the highlight of the year.

2. Select your Live Music Add-On.

Once your DJ is selected, it’s time to choose your live music add-on. The add-ons we currently offer include show-stopping saxophone, powerful percussion and beautiful live vocalists. All provide a show-stopping performance, regardless of what you choose, with years of experience on their resumé. Want to have more than 1 live music add-on? Let us know and we’ll see what we can do!


We pride ourselves on providing quality acts, including our live music add-ons, to make your event truly exclusive and unique.

3. Assigned a dedicated Booking Manager

Every DJ with live music add-on comes with a dedicated booking manager for your event. This is because we want to ensure that your entertainment is guaranteed, on time and running smoothly. Above all, you’ll be communicating with an experienced booking manager from start to finish. We do this to avoid any miscommunication or issues with the booking and ensure that all your requests are heard.

4. Time to party!

Time to enjoy your event and experience a truly unique and exclusive DJ live experience!

If you would like to book a DJ with Saxophone, Percussion or Vocalist, get in touch with the team today and we’ll help you find the right match to make your wedding, party or event truly memorable.

Still not sure what you might need? Browse our available DJ’s, see them in action via videos and find out more about the music they love to play.

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